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Mercury Update

Since our most recent Brass Update, we've been Governing hard to offer even more features and updating our current offering. Drumroll please... Introducing the Mercury Update!

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Learning the Trade – Great tips on HTML, CSS and more

I had to learn the lingo and the process and learn them fast!

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Design on a Dime – Creative tools for a baller on a budget

Your website is the cover to your book, your handshake, your first impression, and you want to make it look good.

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Word Pressed – Why WordPress doesn’t work

If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You’re not a tree!

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Hello gv-tags!

So, you’ve created your Governor account and you’re ready to upload your files. That’s AWESOME!

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Bridge The Gap Between Design and Development

Governor is an inclusive PaaS that both web designers and web developers can use. That being said, when working through a complete website design, it’s important that both designers and developers work together, and not in a parallel universe, for a seamless project. Sounds simple, but bridging the gap between both teams can sometimes be confusing or even an afterthought.

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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? No offense to Mr. Shakespeare, but a rose would not smell as sweet at

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Back To Our Roots

The Governor team’s desire to find a secure, easy-to-use, manageable platform lead them to create something wonderful. They have released this to the public to help others find their happy place in the work place.

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Why Let WordPress Kill Your Productivity?

WordPress, as well as other commonly used platforms have a few things in common: they are consistently killing your productivity. When managing multiple websites time is everything. With Governor, we’ve created a content management system that eliminates the common frustrations, and allows agencies [and individuals] to design develop and host multiple websites all in one place. Let’s look at the common headaches of WordPress and how Governor will increase your productivity!

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The Future of Multisite Management: Governor

Governor is a multi-site PaaS content management system that provides the tools you need to build faster, deploy smarter and optimize digital experiences. Yes, you read that correctly. A Platform as a Service with a simple client centric focus to meet your needs.

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Hello Governor: Brass Update and New Features

We have rolled out the update of all updates. The Brass! The Brass Update takes the ease of Governor to a new level. We’ve decided to offer FREE Full Access to Governor. No credit card required, no functionality limitations just Governor’s powerful cloud collaboration at your finger tips.

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Design & Development Working Together

It’s a well-known fact that designers and developers think very differently and may actually be born of...

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Agencies Choose Governor

Governor is inherently designed to be the CMS (and more) for everyone, but we couldn’t be ...

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Governor is Hosting Google Cloud Next '17 Event in Dallas

Governor is excited to announce that we will be hosting a Google Cloud Next (Extended) event on March 8th at the Governor office in Dallas!

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Governor at SXSW Interactive 2017

Jennifer and Kristin talk CMS Platforms as a Service and how they are solving modern day problems for creative agencies and enterprise level companies.

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