Hello Governor: Brass Update and New Features

Nov 02 2017 9:00 AM

If you have been following us on social media you know that we have been counting down to our big announcement and when we say big we mean BIG. Are you ready? We have rolled out the update of all updates. The Brass! The Brass Update takes the ease of Governor to a new level.

Upon review, the gov himself stormed into our office [with his signature green sneaks] demanding we share this with everyone. And if you know the gov, you know his suggestions are never just suggestions! We’re decided to offer FREE Full Access to Governor. No credit card required, no functionality limitations just Governor’s powerful cloud collaboration at your finger tips. Manage multiple sites using one dash, automated security and backups with COMPLETE creative freedom! You can make WordPress a way of the past, because the future has arrived.

If the Brass Update and Free Full Access aren't enough, we have completely redesigned our website to better serve those governing today, and for those getting ready to govern tomorrow. The new site is updated with new user documentation, direct access to the governor team and multiple videos for all user levels. The website also gives you a sneak peak at the Governor himself! What are you waiting for? Get governing today!

Learn more about what it means to move to a platform as a service. Read the guide.

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