Hello gv-tags!

Dec 11 2017 8:30 AM

So, you’ve created your Governor account and you’re ready to upload your files.  That’s AWESOME! 

When you are ready to add your first, second, or twentieth website to your Governor account, we have two options; Selecting a Governor Theme or Uploading your files.  Governor Themes consist of html templates that include gv-tags, which are used to enable the CMS functionality. 

Your files can include any standard assets such as javscript, css, fonts and images. Governor is front-end agnostic meaning it supports any frontend markup, plugins, and/or files. 

Governor plays well with others!  

But, what are these gv tags everyone is talking about?

Great question!

We provide how to add these tags in our Developer Docs found in the Help section of your Governor Account.  Once your gv-tags are added, you can choose UPLOAD to use your files when starting your Governor project.

 Check out Governor’s Developer Docs to learn more about gv-tags and how to add these to your files for quick and easy uploads!

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