Learning the Trade – Great tips on HTML, CSS and more

Dec 21 2017 10:00 AM

When I began working in the IT industry I had NO CLUE what coding was.  I would watch my counterparts “inspect” a site and make adjustments in some secret lair with, what seemed like, random letters, numbers and characters that changed everything with a quick “hard refresh”.  I found myself wondering how many boxes of cereal I would have to eat before I could order my decoder ring!

I had to learn the lingo and the process and learn them fast! 

What I found was the beauty of the coding languages.  Simple letters and characters took the drab HTML bones I created and added color and style and form with CSS.  I learned how to find and fix an issue within the code.  And YOU can too!

I was introduced to W3Schools where I could get certified in a few front-end languages and I started reading… and reading… and reading… and…  Ugh!

W3Schools is GREAT but what I needed was practical, hands-on coding experience. 

I started with Codecademy.  Here, I was able to build and create webpages and sites slowly, bit by bit.  Once I had a good feel about the difference between a <p> and an <a href>, I went back to W3Schools to add another layer to my growing knowledge base and, eventually, gained several certifications in the process.  Now, I keep my coding skills sharp and up-to-date with great tutorials from Lynda and Pluralsight!

There are several cost-friendly, or free, online training courses that you are able to use. Take a peek and stretch your coding legs.  I think you just might find that same love and excitement for front end development that I did!

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