Mercury Update

Mar 26 2018 2:45 PM

Since our most recent Brass Update, we've been Governing hard to offer agencies even more features and updating our current offering. Drumroll please... Introducing the Mercury Update! 

Forms module
The new Governor forms module can be used to quickly and easily power all types of HTML form submissions.
Using one simple tag your HTML form submissions can be sent to an unlimited number of email addresses.
You can also send confirmation emails to submitters, secure your form with google recaptcha, use custom templates in email subjects and bodies, and choose between html and plain text email formats. Read about forms here in our Docs!

Governor Help center

The governor help center centralizes all Governor help and support resources in one easy to access location. From Docs and Chat, to System Status & Changelogs. You can find what you are looking for in the Governor Help center.

Publish preview

Our new preview system makes it easier than ever to manage site content. Private preview links allow you to share edits with coworkers and clients without pushing changes live. And our draft and revisions system allows for powerful management of page versions and content changes. We have also updated the publish and revision UI to make managing your previews and revisions easier.

In addition, we are continuing to offer FREE full access for the first 14 days (no credit card required). Your agency can design and build multiple websites as fast and as scalable as possible today!

Learn more about what it means to move to a platform as a service. Read the guide.

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