What’s in a Name?

Dec 05 2017 7:30 AM

Selecting your domain name is just as important as naming your child.  The name you choose can be the difference between “John” and “Lemonjello”. 

The SEO value of your domain name is fairly small, but the overall value is gigantic.  We’ve all seen epic fails of domain names gone wrong.  Here’s a few:



When selecting your domain name, or names, remember the following:

  1. Select a domain that translates well – See above!
  2. Choose a name that looks good on a business card
  3. Make it short a sweet – Do NOT use www.realtestateforbasketballcoachesmovingtofloridafromconnecticut.com (That was a real domain name I was presented with.  No REALLY!)
  4. Make sure the name is either your company name or, at least, depicts what you are offering

Once you have your name selected, it’s time to check out whether or not it’s available.  Do NOT print thousands of business cards, print it on a T-shirt and slap it on a sign until you have confirmed that it is not used by someone else.  Though you can begin creating your website in Governor using any old name, you cannot launch a website using a domain name that you do not own.

Determining if a domain name is available is quick and easy.  You can either contact your Registrar, the company where you purchase the domain names, like GoDaddy or NetworkSolutions and or search if your ideal domain is available.  You Support Representative will be able to help you find your dream domain OR offer suggestions on a similar model.

Another option is to utilize a great free, online search tool Who.Is.  With Who.Is you can search for your intended domain names find out if it is available, and if not, who owns it, when it’s due to expire and the status of the domain name, including if it’s in use by checking out the Name Servers information.

“What’s in a name?”  No offense to Mr. Shakespeare, but a rose would not smell as sweet at www.speedofart.com.

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