Word Pressed – Why WordPress doesn’t work

Dec 14 2017 8:30 AM

When WordPress first made its way on the scene, the people sang with rejoice.  Finally!  Power for the people, by the people!  But, then, things got a little… frustrating.

Here are the TOP FIVE biggest WordPress frustrations:

  1. Security – There isn’t any!
  2. Bad Code – Why are there so many repeating and conflicting items?  Why is PHP still in use?
  3. The Learning Curve – Why is this so HARD?
  4. Usability - Why doesn’t this work? 
  5. Security – Ok, ok.  I said this one twice but this is a BIG issue!

When WordPress began it provided a great tool for, this… BLOGGING, and then morphed into a complex chasm of plugins and code and apps.  Oh my!

In the end, the user feels like they have no way out.  Everything is on WordPress and managed with WordPress and they just can’t leave.  But, that, my friend, is absolutely not the case.  You can pack up that big beautiful website you’ve worked so hard on and take it with you. 

Remember: If you don’t like where you are, MOVE.  You’re not a tree!

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