At Governor, we want to help you and your websites be the best they can possibly be. If you’re thinking of moving from Wordpress to Governor, here’s what you need to know about our differences in terms of features and on-going management.

say goodbye to complex website management

Wordpress requires complicated and time consuming installation, management and updates, forcing you to spend time and resources where they are not most valuable.

the old way

governor makes it simple

No more long installs, updates or maintenance. Focus on delivering top quality digital experiences and let Governor handle the rest. You’ll deliver your projects faster than you ever thought possible.

the new way

Fast and Scalable. Governor unifies your business and technical teams on one platform, and delivers consistent experiences that keep pace in the digital world.


Governor provides the fastest hosting response times in the industry and installation of Governor takes hours versus days or weeks. All this speed means you have more time to focus on your business.


Move rapidly from idea to execution. Governor allows you to create redundant and scalable websites at the push of a button.

Website hosting response time in seconds
*smaller is better

Pantheon .54
WP Engine .45
Governor .25

We can even convert your Wordpress site to Governor! Time to get started

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A Few of the Key Differences.





To get Started on Wordpress:

To get Started Governor:

Pick and vette Hosting

Hosted for free. No set up required

Install php/mysql/apache

No servers to configure

Install wordpress

No backends to install

Configure wordpress

No configuration needed

Do it all again locally for dev

Easily create dev sites in the cloud

Enable and configure backups

Backups are automatic and often

Build custom theme using php

Build themes using html and our simple govtags language

Find and install plugins for functionality. Test that they work. Keep Updated

Enable plugins with confidence. All plugins, modules and integrations are vetted

Use [shortcodes] mixed with content in WYSI's to enable plugin widgets on pages

Always keep markup for templates and plugin functionalty separate from CMS

Continual ops:

Continual ops:

Ensure backups are managed

We manage backups

Scale or move VM/server if traffic overloads server

We scale for you. Websites are served over stateless scalable webheads

Update plugins and ensure compatability

No updates to run and compatability to check

Monitor and update server to ensure security vulnerabilities are patched etc

We monitor and update servers to ensure security vulnerabilities are patched.

Continual webdev:

Continual webdev:

Modify theme files locally and FTP changes

Modify locally and upload, or modify right in the cloud with a powerful IDE

Manually flush caches to see changes

Changes are instant

ensure shortcodes aren’t erased and content editors dont mess up layout

Never worry about content editors breaking templates and plugins

Training / onboarding / offboarding:

Training / onboarding / offboarding:

Train content editors to use and navigate difficult mix of wysi's and plugins:

Content editors can quickly and easily edit content and nothing else

Add and remove users and permissions from sites independently

Easily manage all users across all sites from one dashboard

technology you can trust

Governor is built on the latest technology, so you can trust it to be secure, fast and reliable

  • Amazon
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Angular
  • MongoDB

The Governor platform is built on the same reliable, scalable infrastructure used to power Amazon.com’s global web properties.

your growth-minded platform partner

Governor creates valuable partnerships that will provide your company a competitive advantage by lowering overall expenses, improving speed of website builds, increasing efficiency, and streamlining ongoing maintenance & delivery.

blazing fast CDN

Automatic CDN delivery of assets and images means your site will be blazing fast for everyone everywhere.

no server configuration

The Governor cloud allows you to instantly create and scale web properties with zero server configuration.

no backend installation

No installs required. Set up new Governor sites with the click of a button

no updates to install

Never worry about out of date plugins, or updates breaking functionality again. Governor updates are automatic. As soon as improvements and updates are released, they will be available for your sites.

available, scalable, elastic infrastructure

Never worry about traffic spikes, data center outages, or scaling again. Websites on Governor are deployed across geographically redundant zones, and can instantly scale up to meet demand. This means your website will be fast and available when it counts the most.

worry-free security

Never worry about out of date plugins, unpatched exploits, and malware infections. Governor handles the security of your sites and data.

automated backups

Your data is safe with us. Continuous automated backups ensure that in the event of a catastrophe, your site and its data is safe.

time to get started

Questions? call us at 844-321-4867