why platform-as-a-service?

discover what makes a PaaS ideal for enterprises managing countless web properties.

This guide provides a comprehensive, easily-understood breakdown of the basics of a Platform-as-a-Service, and exactly how it benefits the end user. While many of the points are discussed with enterprise-level users in mind, the benefits to a PaaS are nearly universal.

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platform as a service document

what will you learn?

You’ll learn exactly what a Paas is, what components make it up, and how Governor uses Paas technology to take these benefits to the next level, especially for enterprises.

  • what a Platform-as-a-Service is

    Here we offer a brief overview of exactly what this type of platform is, what it does, and how it’s best used. Many of these points are discussed in more detail later.

  • what makes up a Platform-as-a-Service

    This is a three-point breakdown of what a Platform-as-a-Service consists of, in a technical sense. We also talk about the typical features of a PaaS.

  • the benefits of leveraging a PaaS

    These content pieces speak to PaaS benefits, one by one. If a platform is truly a PaaS, these benefits should come standard. Some platforms offer much more.

  • how Governor uses PaaS technology

    Now tying the conversation directly to Governor, we dig into exactly how Governor utilizes PaaS technology, and what Governor does differently that other platforms.

  • the benefits of choosing Governor as your PaaS

    In this section, we discuss how Governor makes the most of the benefits of a PaaS at a high level, and takes them even further.

  • Governor as an enterprise-level PaaS

    The final section covers the ways that Governor utilizes the benefits of a PaaS, and scales them up to be utilized by enterprises with hundreds or thousands of sites.

here’s a peek at what some industry experts think about the topic:

  • We manage tens of thousands of our clients’ websites, so a Platform-as-a-Service is the only choice for that workload. From enhanced safety to easy updates to simplified access processes, there is no substitute.”

    john raven NewTek Business Solutions
  • Having encountered the numerous issues commonplace with a standard CMS, the PaaS approach to website design & development has allowed our team to create great web experiences faster, and with more confidence in the site’s long-term security.”

    joey swindle Evangalist Agency
  • Our corporate site has very high security requirements, and we handle a great deal of direct traffic every day from individuals using our web-based applications, and our Platform-as-a-Service has succeeded in managing those needs simultaneously”

    kendall scott Hyphen Solutions
  • Building on a Platform-as-a-Service has greatly impacted the speed with which we can develop and deploy web & mobile applications.”

    jeremy moore Terrain Digital
  • Relying on a PaaS for our student admissions needs has proven to be a great decision. We’ve observed a noticeable reduction in downtime, even during the most high-traffic times of year for admissions.”

    mike dexter Texas Christian University
  • Thanks to PaaS technology, we’re able to simultaneously run nearly a thousand games on over one hundred interactive, outdoor screens at a time. Our PaaS is reliable, and has led to increased engagement from our patrons.”

    jon connor Dallas Arboretum