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The Ultimate CMS
For Your Agency

A pro platform to build and manage custom websites in the cloud.

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say goodbye to complex website management

Other systems like Wordpress and Drupal require complicated and time consuming installation, management and updates, forcing you to spend excess time and resources.

the old way

the old way

governor makes it simple

No more long installs, updates or maintenance. Focus on delivering top quality digital experiences and let Governor handle the rest. You’ll deliver your projects faster than you ever thought possible.

the new way

the new way

Why your agency needs governor?

If you are managing, updating or hosting multiple websites, your agency needs Governor. If you are tired of the headaches and security issues caused by WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other open-source products, you need Governor.

Unify your agency on one cloud CMS platform to deliver
state-of-the-art websites.


Speed means you have more time to focus on your business. Governor provides the fastest hosting response times in the industry and installation of Governor takes hours versus days or weeks.


Move rapidly from idea to execution. Governor allows you to create unique and scalable websites at the push of a button.

Website hosting response time in seconds
*smaller is better

Aquia .54
Pantheon .45
WP Engine .42
Governor .25


As a hosted platform, your security is always monitored and updates are instant. No more hassles with updates, patches or vulnerable plugins.


Save time and money. Governor lowers costs by providing hosting and automated security and backups, while you manage multiple websites. By eliminating costly and time consuming back-end development, your projects will launch faster than ever.

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technology you can trust

Governor is built on the latest technology, so you can trust it to be secure, fast and reliable

  • Amazon
  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Angular
  • MongoDB

The Governor platform is built on the same reliable, scalable infrastructure used to power’s global web properties.

trusted worldwide by companies and people like you

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