• Select Any Front-end

    Pick an HTML template from anywhere on the web, migrate an existing site or create your custom website markup files.

    • Globally Compatible

      Governor works with any framework, CSS file or shims such as Bootstrap, Foundation and materializeCSS.

    • File Flexibility

      Use any website file from other platforms such as WordPress or anywhere on the web.

    • Simple Migration

      Love your site, but hate your CMS? You can easily migrate it to Governor. If you need assistance, we are here to lend a hand. Contact us here.

    Skeleton Skeleton
    Foundation Foundation
    Bootstrap Bootstrap
    Foundation Bulma
    Materialize Materialize
    Semantic UI Semantic UI
  • Tag Your Markup

    Governor's intuitive templating system "GovTags" allow you to quickly enable back-end controls. Learn more.

    • Quick Tagging

      Easy and intuitive short tagging protocol.

    • Contextualized CMS

      Easily add contextualized content management to any website project.

    • Standardized Framework

      Governor works with any front-end framework or CSS files.

    <div class="container">
      <div class="header-content">
        <h1 gv-text="text" -label="Title"></h1>
        <div gv-wysi="wysi" -label="Text"></div>
    <div class="slideshow-container">
      <ul class="slideshow">
        <li gv-repeat="repeat" -label="Showcase item">
          <a href="@href" gv-link="link">
            <div class="img-holder" data-src="@src" gv-img="img" -label="Preview image"></div>
            <div class="title-holder">
              <h3 gv-text="text_1" -label="Title"></h3>
              <span class="cta-link">VISIT SITE</span>
  • Upload and Launch!

    Once you're done implementing GovTags, simply zip up your files and upload to the cloud! Learn More.

    • Quick Editing

      Sites are instantly available on the dashboard for editing.

    • Multi-site Capabilities

      Run as many sites as you need right from our powerful cloud-based platform.

    • Managed Content

      Secured, Redundant, CDN, caching, back-ups, firewalls, and more.


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