It’s Monday morning and you’re back to the grind of managing multiple websites. Maybe it’s WordPress, maybe it’s Drupal? Regardless of platform, the constant juggling act is getting old. So you do what we have all done: speak to the mighty search engines for an answer.

And just like last Monday [and the Monday before] you’ll get the same old suggestions: try these plugins, prioritize your workload and peaceful thinking will help you through. These suggestions are as tired as you are and another cup of coffee won’t fix it. Fortunately, today is different: say goodbye to the aches and pains of managing multiple sites and say:


Governor is a multi-site PaaS content management system that provides the tools you need to build faster, deploy smarter and optimize digital experiences. Yes, you read that correctly. A Platform as a Service with a simple client centric focus to meet your needs.

  • Multi-site dashboard: A singular entry point to all of your websites, with single-sign-on accounts for your team and your clientele. Whether you’re managing a couple of websites or thousands, you can manage them all with governor’s simple solution.
  • Speed: Governor provides the fastest hosting response times in the industry and installation of Governor takes hours versus days or weeks. All this speed means you have more time to focus on your business.
  • Secure: As a Platform as a Service, your security is always monitored and updates are instant. No more hassles with updates, patches or vulnerable plugins. Looking for music to your ears? ZERO more manual updates or security vulnerabilities. Server configurations, maintenance headaches and updates are all done for you. [You’re welcome in advance]
  • Profitable: Lower hosting costs, added security and backups reduce the costs of maintaining multiple sites. In addition, the virtual elimination of backend development saves time and money.

But how could you possibly get all of your sites converted? Valid question, and before you panic: a dose of prioritizing and peaceful thinking is not the answer. The Governor services team can handle a project from beginning to end or just a single phase. Full design, production, HTML/CSS conversion, and complete Governor installs. Our services supplement your team without the overhead of adding staff so you can deliver high quality projects faster.

Unify your business and technical teams on one platform, and deliver consistent experiences that keep pace in the digital world. Watch our latest demo to better understand all of the features. And while you’re at it, register for FREE FULL ACCESS! You’ll be saying “HELLO GOVERNOR” in no time!

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