WordPress, as well as other commonly used platforms have a few things in common: they are consistently killing your productivity. When managing multiple websites time is everything. With Governor, we’ve created a content management system that eliminates the common frustrations, and allows agencies [and individuals] to design develop and host multiple websites all in one place. Let’s look at the common headaches of WordPress and how Governor will increase your productivity!

Inconsistent Backend - Due to the many customization options available, the backend of each individual WordPress site is vastly different.Agencies who manage multiple websites for a variety of clients, it can be frustrating to have to learn how each specific WordPress account is setup in order to make simple website changes. With Governor, we’ve solved that problem by creating a single dashboard to manage multiple sites. From Governor’s system-wide site dashboard, administrators can view and manage users across their entire Governor ecosystem. In addition, you can easily restrict access and privileges to anyone, on any site, at any time from a single location.

Sloppy Security - WordPress uses an open source structure, meaning that programmers can access the page's source code to see how it works, adjust it based on the needs of a particular website, and share their code online with others. Sounds great in theory, however, this structure can also leave your website vulnerable to being compromised. Having all your systems code available online makes it that much easier for hackers to find security holes in your code.

Updates on Updates on Updates -To counteract some of the security issues, WordPress rolls out updates on updates on updates! While helpful and necessary for keeping your information safe, they can also present a huge headache. [Not to mention the amount of time it takes, in return decreasing you productivity] Updating the system can actually cause certain plugins (even those that aren’t malicious)to become incompatible with your website. Who has time for that? Governor eliminates updates from your end. Server configurations, maintenance and updates are all done for you.

Calling For Backup! - WordPress does not include data backup in place for its main platform. Because there are many actions that can put valuable information in jeopardy of loss, one wrong click can result in irreversible consequences. Enough with the bad news, the good news: Governor is backed-up and secure at all times. No more manual updates or security vulnerabilities!

For a limited time you can register for Free Full Access of Governor! In a matter of minutes you can begin creating your next website, or transferring your currents sites with Governor today. 

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